Young Soul Rebel

Sung by: Okiayu Ryoutarou (Nishikiori Issei) & Morikawa Toshiyuki (Ogura Jinpatchi)

Translated by: Mina-P (Email:

Version 2.00

Note: These characters are Nishikiori Issei and Ogura Jinpatchi from Hiwatari Saki's Boku no Chikyuu o Mamotte (Please Save My Earth, Hana to Yume Comics). In short, Issei and Jinpatchi share dreams about their past lives on the moon, where Issei was a young woman in love with Jinpatchi. And...well it just gets worse from there. This is quite literally the most horrible song I've ever translated. Dear god is it cruel, and quite frankly completely ruins me from ever watching the OVAs again. But man, if it ain't funny! I don't know what's worse: the fact that it's Okiayu and Morikawa doing an in-character rap, or the fact that they do a REALLY good job...

mazu     bokura no kankei iwasete moraeba

kitto     minna no uwasa ja dekiteru     Whatcha Say!

chotto fukayomisugiruze kurasu no joshi

kitto yume de dakiatta     bokura wa...Say!

First off     If you force us to talk about our relationship

Surely     You're all making up rumors     Whatcha Say!

You're reading a little too much, the girls in our class

Sure in our dreams we held each other     We're...Say!

honmou! mou honmouhonmou! mou honmou!

Fulfilled! Already fulfilled fulfilled! Already fulfilled! (1)

onaji yume mita sore dake ja nai ka

sonde futari de hanashiteta sore dake nanda

nde     bokura no gei     sooyuu yakugara datte

mawari de mirarete     mou nareta kedo

We saw the same dream, that's not all

We were talking together, what's wrong with just that

And     Our play     It's that sort of role (2)

On the surface you can see it     But we've gotten used to it

datte     aitsu wa (aitsu wa) chuubon no koro kara shitteru naka dashi

kaodachi bikei de otoko ja mottainai

kedo     tokidoki ne okoru no nande kana?

ikinari kuchibiru ubawarete!!

But     He (He) I've known him since we were kids

He looks too pretty to be a guy

But     Once in a while, I wonder why he gets mad at me?

Then all of a sudden he kisses me!!

nja     bokura no kanjou iwasete moraeba

kitto     minna no uwasa ja horeteru     It's Say

chotto     sawagisugiteruze kurasu no joshi

motto sugasugashii naka     bokutachi...Say!

Then     If you force us to talk about our feelings

Surely     You're falling for your rumors     It's Say

You're     Making a little too much of a fuss, the girls in our class

A more refreshing relationship     Our...Say!

honmou! mou honmou!! honmou! mou honmou!

Fulfilled! Already fulfilled!! Fulfilled! Already fulfilled!

yume ja     boku wa onna korya chotto tsurai na

sorya omae wa omae de nayami mo atta kedo

nja     bokura no gei     sooyuu kenkai datte

seken no me da toka mama aru keredo

In the dreams     I was a woman and it was a little painful

But you had your own problems, too

Then     Our play     It's that sort of opinion (3)

But as it is I hear society's watching us

nanda boku dake (boku dake) otokoyu hairu no tamerau mainichi

Jinpatchi munaita atsukute nanda kanaa

mata imouto ga jirojiro kao miru

mushishite bonyari     Boo o yomu!

Why do only I (only I) hesitate every time I enter the men's baths

I wonder why Jinpatchi's chest makes me hot

Once again my little sister's caught me staring

I ignore her, absent-minded     I read "Boo"!

nara     bokura no honshin iwasete moraeba

nanika     minna no kitai o uragiccha     Jin Say!

douse     aishiteageruze     kurasu no joshi

motto gei no shinsui o     bokura de...Say!

If     You force us to speak our minds

Somehow     We'll disappoint you     Jin Say!

After all     You love this, the girls in our class

More of the essence of our play is     We...Say! (4)

honmou! sou honmou! honmou! mou honmou!

honmou! mou honmou! honmou! mou honmou!

Fulfilled! That's right, fulfilled! Fulfilled! Already fulfilled (5)

Fulfilled! Already fulfilled! Fulfilled! Already fulfilled

bokura no kyara tachikangaeta hi nya

isso tanbi no konbi de kono mama ikoka

yappa     bokura no gei     sooyuu naiyou datte

ima datte sukoshi wa teikou aru keredo

The day that our characters started to think

As it is we make a rather aesthetic combination

Really     Our play     It's that sort of substance (6)

But even now we have a little resistance

datte bokura ga (bokura ga) shuyaku wa shu ni majiwarya ii jan

sorya wakasa wa daredemo weruteru joutai

kedo nayamu yori akaruku ikimasho

sunawachi bokutachi geitachisha

But we're (we're) lead parts so it's okay to mix in some red

That kind of youth is someone's whale tail situation

But rather than worry, let's be cheerful

That is to say, we're actors (7)

honmou! mou honmou! honmou! mou honmou!

honmou! mou honmou! honmou! mou honmou!

honmou! sou honmou!! honmou!

demo homo ja nai (nen no tame)

Fulfilled! Already fulfilled! Fulfilled! Already fulfilled!

Fulfilled! Already fulfilled! Fulfilled! Already fulfilled!

Fulfilled! That's right, fulfilled!! Fulfilled!

But we're not gay (Just making sure)

(1) I realize this sounds gimpy, I honestly do, so let me explain. Honmou means "to realize one's wish, a long cherished ambition." The kind of stuff that gives life meaning and all. I... couldn't come up with anything better. [sweatdrop] sorry...

(2) No, you're not reading that wrong. Gei in kanji form as it is here means means "play" and refers to the performing arts (actors, theater, and such). Gei in katakana form means, well, "gay." This is a horrible running gag used throughout the song.

(3) Just wanted to remind you of comment #2 for this line. Chee-hee!

(4) Again, comment #2. This is a horrible song.

(5) Insert half bleeped out dialogue between these two lines that basically goes:

Izumi: At this rate, we'll end up XXXXX and XXXXX!!

Jinpatchi: EH?! You're joking!! I don't want to do that!

Izumi: Neither do I!

Jinpatchi: By the way, what's XXXXX?

Izumi: what...

(6) Yet again comment #2. If it weren't so funny, I'd hate this song.

(7) Refer to comment #2 again. The kanji literally would be "actors." With the running gag, it can also mean "people who're gay." This is a horrible song.

Lyrics belong to Hibi Anri, Victor Entertainment, and Hiwatari Saki, taken from the Seiyuu Graffiti twin album, VICL-40159~60 (II, track 1). Not like the words make any sense if you haven't heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P at

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