MIT no Uta

The Song of Mishima Industries

Sung by: Narita Ken (Mishima Juuza)

Translated by: Mina-P (Email:

Version 2.00

Note: Yet another wonderful, senseless song from Mishima Juuza and Narita Ken. Mishima Juuza is the young head of Mishima Industries in the hysterical Bannoubunka Nekomusume TV series, and runs it in the way that only a true Mishima can. This song combines the best part of Mishima Juuza from the series: senseless grandiose plans to rule the world all sung by the amazing voice of Narita Ken. On a technical note about the song, be very very glad that you didn't have to romanize this thing. Not that the language itself was hard; the song was difficult merely because the lyrics are printed in one giant spiral. I went dizzy just trying to read the thing...

Fourth gate open!

Fourth gate open!

Quickly! All out! Let's go!

mishima no minato ga sayuu ni wakare

gyouten arufa ga arawareideru

mishima no doomu mo seri agari

gyouten beta da!

gyouten gamma wa taki o kiri

sandai senkan gattai!

The Mishima Harbor parts down the middle

The Gyouten Alpha appears (1)

Coming to a complete stop at the Mishima Dome

It's the Gyouten Beta!

The Gyouten Gamma slashes through the waterfall

The big three battleships unite!

miyo! sora ni hikaru kurogane no yuushi

miyo! tekunorojii da mishima no chikara!

Look! Shining in the sky, the gallant iron figure

Look! It's technology, Mishima's strength!

Fourth gate open!

Fourth gate open!

Quickly! All out! Let's go!

daichi o yuku no wa mishima biikuru

chitei wa tanku de maguma mo susume

hirogaru ginga o niwa ni shite

wakusei yousai da

risou no mirai o kizuku tame

kyuukyoku kagaku o kesshuu!

The Mishima Vehicle goes through the ground

The tank proceeds even through the magma of the earth's core

Making a garden out of the expanding universe

With the planet as a stronghold

In order to build up to the ideal future

We'll concentrate on the ultimate science!

miyo! are ga are ga kokoro no furusato

miyo! MIT wa kagaku no kichi da!

Look! That is that is the birthplace of the heart

Look! It's the Mishima Industry science base!

miyo! shinseiki no seigi no yousai

miyo! kagaku no shiro mishima indasutorii!

Look! The new century's stronghold of justice

Look! The science castle of Mishima Industry!

(1) Gyouten means "being amazing." However, I believe that in this case, it's just the rather appropriate Mishima name of their ships.

Lyrics belong to Arakawa Toshihisa, taken from the Bannoubunka Nekomusume: Vocal & Sound Track Album album, KICA-402 (track 12). Not like the words make any sense if you haven't heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P at

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