Lyrics, Written, Performed by: Luna Sea

Translated by: Mina-P (Email:

Version 1.00

Note: Wow, this is going to get me the WEIRDEST search hits, isn't it. Actually though, JESUS is one of my favorite songs on Luna Sea's Eden album. It makes incredible use of rhythm, and the two guitar lines mesh incredibly. It's also actually far more upbeat, in a punk rock sort of way, than you might expect. Nothing beats Luna Sea for random Christianity related Japanese rock songs.

nani no tame ni umaretekita no ka     subete ga owari no mukau tochuu     I'm on the edge

yumemiru tenshi saigo no toki o motsu     ima     kane wa narihibiku

For what were we born     Everything's turning towards the end    I'm on the edge

A dreaming angel holds the end of time     Now     The bell resounds

tokihanatareta shunkan o     kokoro no dokoka negatteiru

tokihanatareru shunkan ni     hontou no imi ga yattekuru hazu     Just wait for you

The freed instant     Somewhere in my heart I'm begging for it

In that free instant     True meaning must be coming     Just wait for you (1)

kagayaki ga fukami ni hamaru mae ni     mitasaresugite kuchiteyuku mae ni     I'm on the edge

kono basho de inori o sasageteiru sa     ima hitori sukui o motomete

Before the radiance falls into the depths     Before it's filled up too much and rots     I'm on the edge

In this place I'm raising a prayer     Now I ask you to help me

tokihanatareru shunkan o     kokoro no dokoka negatteiru

tokihanatareru shunkan ni     nani o omou no     yume no tochuu de     Just wait for you

That free instant     Somewhere in my heart I'm begging for it

In that free instant     What are you thinking     In the middle of the dream     Just wait for you

chikaitsuzuketa kono yume wa     ima     hikari ni tsutsumareteyuku

chikaitsuzuketa kono yume o     ima     kagayaki ni kaeteyuke

Jesus     byouyomi o hajimete     subete no uso o keshite hoshii

Jesus     tsumi ga kieru nara     ima     kagayaki ni kaeteyuke     Just wait for you

kept to swear

This dream that I kept vowing is     Now     Being enveloped in light

This dream that I kept vowing     Now     Change it in the radiance

Jesus     The countdown begins     In you, I want to erase all of the lies (2)

Jesus     If my sins vanish     Now     Change everything in the radiance Just wait for you (3)

Jesus, don't you love me?

(1) In the original lyrics, every time "Just wait for you" appears, it's printed to the right of the verse and in the middle of the lines. That's because in all the verses with "Just wait for you," the words are actually chanted in the middle of each line while Ryuichi-san's singing. So if you see "Just wait for you" at the end of the verse, that's what it really means.

(2) While not in the printed lyrics, you can clearly hear Ryuichi-san sing anata ni (in you) just before the word subete. Although not printed, they're voiced clearly enough, so I included it in the translation.

(3) Same as above, basically. The words subete o (everything) are clearly heard before the word ima, so I changed the lyrics to reflect that.

Lyrics belong to Luna Sea and MCA Victor, taken from the Eden album, MVCD-6 (track 1). Not like the words make any sense if you haven't heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P at

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