Sung by: KinKi Kids
Translated by: Mina-P (Email:
Version 1.00

Note: KinKi Kids are a cheesy Johnny's Entertainment idol duo that's perfectly matched: Domoto Tsuyoshi has an absolutely amazing voice, while Domoto Kouichi is really good looking. They've broken the Guiness World Record, since all 13 of their singles have debuted at #1 on the Japanese Oricon charts. But for all of their popularity, they also have some of the cheesiest idol songs EVER created. If I hear "Garasu no Shounen" one more time... And yet, some time around 2001, they suddenly started releasing extremely cool singles. My personal favorite, Jounetsu, is a catchy Spanish themed song that's really incredible. They sound really great on this song together, and I found myself singing it basically my entire trip in Japan. Plus, it taught me a cool new Johnny's dance. What fun!

"nakanai de..."
taisetsu ni omou kara     yume ni todokanai
jikan wa boku ga umeteageru

"Don't cry..."
Because I treasure you     I can't reach you through dreams
I'll bury up time for you

kanashikute     hitomi o tojita mama ja
kono ai wa mienai
namida wa iranai kara     asu e yukou

It's sad     with your eyes closed like that
You can't see my love
And you don't need tears     let's head for tomorrow

jounetsu no honnou     kimi no te o ubatte
hashiridashita nara     mou tomarenai yo

Instinctive passion     I win your hand
If I started running     I couldn't stop again

ai o tsutaetai     ima sugu tsutaetai
kawaru koto no nai     hakanai kimochi o...

I want to tell you about my love     I want to tell you right now
It's unchanging     My ephemeral feelings...

hanashitaku wa nai kara     kimi dake o mamotte
donna toki demo     soba ni iru yo

"Don't let go..."
Because I don't want to let go of you     I'll protect only you
No matter when     I'll be by your side

itsu datte     nakitaku nattara sugu ni
dakishime ni yuku kara
namida no wake o boku ni kikasete yo

No matter when     if you want to cry I'll come
Right away to hold you
Tell me the reason for your tears

jounetsu no honnou     mou hitori ja nai yo
itsumo itsumademo     kimi o aishiteru

Instinctive passion     You aren't alone any more
Always and forever     I love you

asu o shinjitai     futari de shinjitai
owaru koto no nai     yume o kanaeyou

I want to believe in tomorrow     I want to believe in us
It's unending     Let's grant our dreams

jounetsu no honnou     kimi no te o ubatte
ugokidashita kara     mou tomaranai yo

Instinctive passion     I win your hand
Since I started moving     I won't stop again

ai o todoketai     ima sugu todoketai
kawaru koto no nai     afureru kimochi o
kimi ni...

I want my love to reach you     I want it to reach you right now
It's unchanging     My overflowing feelings
For you...

Lyrics belong to Satomi and Johnny's Entertainment, taken from the Jounetsu single, JECN-0018 (track 1). Not like the words make any sense if you haven’t heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P at

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