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They've broken the Guiness World Record, since all 13 of their singles have debuted at #1 on the Japanese Oricon charts. But for all of their popularity, they also have some of the cheesiest idol songs EVER created. If I hear "Garasu no Shounen" one more time... And yet, some time around 2001, they suddenly started releasing extremely cool singles. My personal favorite, <i>Jounetsu</i>, is a catchy Spanish themed song that's really incredible. They sound really great on this song together, and I found myself singing it basically my entire trip in Japan. Plus, it taught me a cool new Johnny's dance. What fun!</p><BR> <p class=R> "nakanai de..."<BR> taisetsu ni omou kara &nbsp; &nbsp; yume ni todokanai<BR> jikan wa boku ga umeteageru</p> <p class=T> "Don't cry..."<BR> Because I treasure you &nbsp; &nbsp; I can't reach you through dreams<BR> I'll bury up time for you</p><BR> <p class=R> kanashikute &nbsp; &nbsp; hitomi o tojita mama ja<BR> kono ai wa mienai<BR> namida wa iranai kara &nbsp; &nbsp; asu e yukou</p> <p class=T> It's sad &nbsp; &nbsp; with your eyes closed like that<BR> You can't see my love<BR> And you don't need tears &nbsp; &nbsp; let's head for tomorrow</p><BR> <p class=R> jounetsu no honnou &nbsp; &nbsp; kimi no te o ubatte<BR> hashiridashita nara &nbsp; &nbsp; mou tomarenai yo</p> <p class=T> Instinctive passion &nbsp; &nbsp; I win your hand<BR> If I started running &nbsp; &nbsp; I couldn't stop again</p><BR> <p class=R> ai o tsutaetai &nbsp; &nbsp; ima sugu tsutaetai<BR> kawaru koto no nai &nbsp; &nbsp; hakanai kimochi o...</p> <p class=T> I want to tell you about my love &nbsp; &nbsp; I want to tell you right now<BR> It's unchanging &nbsp; &nbsp; My ephemeral feelings...</p><BR> <p class=R> "hanasanai..."<BR> hanashitaku wa nai kara &nbsp; &nbsp; kimi dake o mamotte<BR> donna toki demo &nbsp; &nbsp; soba ni iru yo</p> <p class=T> "Don't let go..."<BR> Because I don't want to let go of you &nbsp; &nbsp; I'll protect only you<BR> No matter when &nbsp; &nbsp; I'll be by your side</p><BR> <p class=R> itsu datte &nbsp; &nbsp; nakitaku nattara sugu ni<BR> dakishime ni yuku kara<BR> namida no wake o boku ni kikasete yo</p> <p class=T> No matter when &nbsp; &nbsp; if you want to cry I'll come<BR> Right away to hold you<BR> Tell me the reason for your tears</p><BR> <p class=R> jounetsu no honnou &nbsp; &nbsp; mou hitori ja nai yo<BR> itsumo itsumademo &nbsp; &nbsp; kimi o aishiteru</p> <p class=T> Instinctive passion &nbsp; &nbsp; You aren't alone any more<BR> Always and forever &nbsp; &nbsp; I love you</p><BR> <p class=R> asu o shinjitai &nbsp; &nbsp; futari de shinjitai<BR> owaru koto no nai &nbsp; &nbsp; yume o kanaeyou</p> <p class=T> I want to believe in tomorrow &nbsp; &nbsp; I want to believe in us<BR> It's unending &nbsp; &nbsp; Let's grant our dreams</p><BR> <p class=R> jounetsu no honnou &nbsp; &nbsp; kimi no te o ubatte<BR> ugokidashita kara &nbsp; &nbsp; mou tomaranai yo</p> <p class=T> Instinctive passion &nbsp; &nbsp; I win your hand<BR> Since I started moving &nbsp; &nbsp; I won't stop again</p><BR> <p class=R> ai o todoketai &nbsp; &nbsp; ima sugu todoketai<BR> kawaru koto no nai &nbsp; &nbsp; afureru kimochi o<BR> kimi ni...</p> <p class=T> I want my love to reach you &nbsp; &nbsp; I want it to reach you right now<BR> It's unchanging &nbsp; &nbsp; My overflowing feelings<BR> For you...</p><BR><BR> <p class=R>Lyrics belong to Satomi and Johnny's Entertainment, taken from the <i>Jounetsu</i> single, JECN-0018 (track 1). Not like the words make any sense if you haven t heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P at <a href="mailto:Minako@senshigakuen.com?subject=Jounetsu" title="Mail Mina-P~!">Minako@senshigakuen.com</a>.<BR><BR> <a href="http://www.senshigakuen.com/translations/lyrics/index.htm" title=" Lyrics Index">Index</a> | <a href="http://www.senshigakuen.com/translations" title="Mina-P's Translations Page">Main</a></p><BR><BR></body></html>