Sung by: Hirahara Ayaka
Music by: G. Holst
Translated by: Mina-P
Version 1.00

Note: This is an absolutely fascinating debut single from songstress Hirahara Ayaka. She's a quiet voice student at a Tokyo university, and this song showcases her talent completely. It's basically a rearranged song from Holst, with Japanese lyrics added. Hirahara-san's voice is amazing, alternating from low and rich to very high and angelic. She jumps octaves during this song and pulls it off with incredible style. May she outlast all of the teeny little idols. On a side note, this is my current show-off song during karaoke.

Every day I listen to my heart
hitori ja nai
fukai mune no oku de     tsunagatteru
hateshinai toki o koete     kagayaku hoshi ga
deaeta kiseki     oshietekureru
Every day I listen to my heart
hitori ja nai
kono sora no mimune ni     idakarete

Every day I listen to my heart
I'm not alone
Deep within our hearts     we're connected
Crossing through the unending time     the glittering star
Teaches us     about the miracle we have met
Every day I listen to my heart
I'm not alone
Within the heart of that universe     held tight

watashi wa kono ryoute de     nani ga dekiru no?
itami ni furesasete     sotto me o tojite
yume o ushinau yori mo     kanashii koto wa
jibun o shinjiteagerarenai koto
ai o manabu tame ni     kodoku ga aru nara
imi no nai koto nado     okori wa shinai

With my own two hands     what can I do?
Made to touch pain     I softly close my eyes
More than losing your dreams     sadness is
Not being able to believe in yourself
If in order to learn about love     you need loneliness
Then meaningless things     won't ever happen

kokoro no shijima ni     mimi o sumashite

In the silence of your heart     listen closely

watashi o yonda nara     doko e demo iku wa
anata no sono namida     watashi no mono ni

If you call for me     I'll go wherever you want
Until your tears     become mine

ima wa jibun o     dakishimete
inochi no nukumori     kanjite

Right now     hold yourself tight
And feel     the warmth of your life

watashi-tachi wa daremo     hitori ja nai
arinomama de zutto     aisareteru
nozomu you ni ikite     kagayaku mirai o
itsumademo utau wa     anata no tame ni

We are all, none of us     alone
Just as we are, we're     always loved
Live the way you want     into your glittering future
I will always sing     just for you

Lyrics belong to Yoshimoto Yumi and Dreamusic, taken from the Odyssey album, MUCD-1106 (track 13). Not like the words make any sense if you haven't heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P.

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