white eyes
Lyrics, Written, Sung by: Gackt Camui
Translated by: Mina-P (Email: Minako@senshigakuen.com)
Version 1.00

Note: This is one of my favorite songs on the album. It's a fast-paced driving song, although the lyrics are actually quite contrary to the mood of the music. The title reference, in my opinion, probably refers to the whites of the eyes that show when the eyeballs roll up into their sockets. In this case, it's occurring after death. Have a happy day~!

kurutta tsuki o uketome ryoute o kakae obieteiru sora
kono koe ga todoku made, yoake no otozure mo yurusenai mama

The frightened sky hold the mad moon captive with both hands (1)
Until my voice reaches you, I won't even allow the visit of dawn

subete no kimi no kotoba ga...
subete no kimi no shigusa ga....
boku ni wa mada, hakanasugite

All of your words are...
All of your actions are...
For me, these are still too faint

sashidashita boku no te ni fureru koto wa naku
tsumetai kimi ni kuchizuke o kawashita
nando mo kimi no na o sakebitsuzuketemo
furitsumoru kanashimi wa dare ni mo kesenai

There's nothing that touches my outstretched hands
I exchanged cold kisses with you
No matter how many times I call out your name
No one will be able to erase the accumulating sadness

kono deai sae ayamachi to kizamaretsuzuku tsumi no naka de furueta

Even this meeting trembled inside of the mistakes and cutting crimes

subete no boku no omoi wa...
subete no boku no kokoro ga...
ima mo kimi o wasurerarezu ni ita

All of my thoughts are...
All of my heart is...
Even now I wouldn't be able to forget you

yoake no sora ga suki na kimi ga
saigo ni miseta ano namida o
hikari ni kazashite boku ni miseta
ano sugata no mama

You loved the dawn sky
And at the end showed me tears
Held up by the light, you showed me
How you looked right then

dare ni mo tomerarenai tsunoru kanashimi yo
dokomademo ochiteyuke, motto fukaku
doredake kurushikutemo bokura o hanasenai
kono karada ga kuchiru made dare ni mo kesenai

No one can stop the rising sadness
Until the very end it falls down, deeper
No matter how painful it is, we can't let go
Until my body rots away, no one can erase it

boku dake no kimi yo, sora takaku maiagare
gin iro ni somariyuku daichi ni dakareta
itsudatte miagereba kimi ga waratteru
itsu no hi ni ka, kono sora de bokura wa mata deaeru

You, who are mine only, soar high into the sky
Embraced by the earth dyed in a silver shade
Someday if I look up, you'll be smiling
One day, we'll meet again in that sky

(1) Everywhere in this song where Gackt sings "sora" (sky), the written kanji is "chuu". This kanji refers more to far-off space with stars and emptiness, not just the blue sky we see above us.

Lyrics belong to Gackt Camui and Nippon Crown, taken from the Crescent album CRCP-40046 (track 8). Not like the words make any sense if you haven't heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P at Minako@senshigakuen.com.

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