Sung by: Gackt
Translated by: Mina-P
Version 1.00

Note: Gackt needed a nice happy song to round off the long travel described in the "Diabolos" album, and he got it with "Road". Nothing better to put a smile back on your face.

kimi ga itsu no hi ka tadoritsukitai to negatta ano hi kara
bokura ha tomo ni arukihajimeta owarinaki kono michi o

From the day that you first wished you could reach the end
We started walking together on this neverending road

tachitomarisou na toki ni ha boku ga
kimi no te wo tsukamihanasanai...

When it looked like you were going to stop
I grabbed your hand and refused to let go...

namida ha nagasanai de
yasashiku hohoendeite

Don't cry
Smile your gentle smile

owaru koto no nai bokura no tabi ha
dare ni mo jama sasenai
dare ni mo kegasasenai

This is our neverending journey
I won't let anyone interfere
I won't let anyone sully it

kimi ga motometeta sekai ga matteru kara

Because the world that you're searching for is out there, waiting for you

kawaita sora ni furidashita ame ga bokura ni katarikakeru
"ikitoshi ikiru mono ni ha subete ooki na imi ga aru" to

The rain that falls from the parched sky tells us,
"There is great meaning to all of God's creatures." (1)

kodoku ni obienakitai toki ha
meiippai, kimi wo daiteageru

When you want to break into tears out of loneliness
I'll squeeze you tight
I'll hold you close

doredake kizutsuitemo
subete wo ushinattemo

No matter how much it hurts
Even if I lose everything

sousa, hateshinai bokura no tabi ha
dare ni mo kowasasenai
daremo shiru koto mo nai

That's right, this is our neverending journey
I won't let anyone break it
No one else understands

bokura ga sagashiteta sekai he tabidatou

Let's travel off to the world we're searching for

moshi boku ga saki ni kieteshimattemo
kaze ni natte kimi wo mamoritsuzuketeyuku kara

Don't worry because even if I disappear before you,
I'll become the keep on protecting you

(1) The phrase "ikitoshi ikiru mono" is a commonly used literary phrase refering to all living things. I translated it as "all of God's creatures" for that reason, but there's no actual reference to "God" persay.

Lyrics belong to Gackt C. and Crown Record, taken from the Diabolos album, CRCP-40120 (track 10). Not like the words make any sense if you haven't heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P.

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