Lyrics, Written, Sung by: Gackt Camui

Translated by: Mina-P (Email:

Version 1.00

Note: The eighth song from Gackt's wonderful sophomore album, Rebirth. This song is best described by the word cute. It's extremely cute. Even I can't believe Gackt wrote a song with the phrases "dokidoki" and "wakuwaku" in it. A song officially becomes adorable when it uses either of those phrases or mentions things you'd find in a park on Sunday, like bunnies or bicycles. marmalade just about floors the cute-o-meter. Hell, it even mentions Sunday. How cute is that!? The story itself is incredibly cute, too... I think. It's kinda one of those, "This song is uplifting... right...?" type of songs. It's really happy... I guess...

kono machi ni kite hajimete no nichiyoubi

wake mo nai no ni dokidoki shite mado o aketa

tooku ni mieru niji no aachi ga mabushikute

temaneki o sareteiru you de

The first Sunday after I came to this town

Even though there was no reason why, my heart was racing and I opened the window (1)

Far away, I could see a dazzling rainbow arch

Almost like it was beckoning me

kyuuto na jitensha to kono yasashii hirusagari

kono sakamichi o wakuwaku shite spiido o ageta

kokage ni tatazumu anata o mitsuketa toki

atarashii kaze o kanjita

A cute bicycle and this gentle afternoon

On the hilly road, my heart beat faster and faster

When I saw you standing in the shade of a tree (2)

I felt a new breeze

mirakuru na deai no yokan... totsuzen ni

takanaru haato ga ima ni mo tobidashisou

My hunch about a miraculous meeting... suddenly

Even now, my pounding heart feels like it's going to fly off

kono omoi no mama no kotoba ga

mitsukaranakute... mitsukerarenakute

nani mo ienai kedo

ima wa kono mama de... mitsumeteitakute

The words for this feeling,

Can't be found out... can't be discovered

I can't say anything but

Now I want to... gaze at you like this

hitorikiri no kaerimichi wa zutto

ue o muiteta

On the way back alone

I always looked up

karafuru ni sugiru mainichi... ano hi kara

afureru omoi o anata ni todoketai

Every day's been colorful... since that day

I want my overflowing feelings to reach you

mata deaeru kana...

mou ichido aitakute anata o sagashite

tatta ichido dake no deai de owaranai you ni

anata o sagashite

I wonder if we can meet again...

I want to see you once more, I look for you

Like I don't want it to be over with just one meeting

I look for you

kono kataomoi no kimochi o

tsutaerarenakute... tsutaekirenakute

donna ni sagashite mo anata wa

mitsukaranakute... mitsukerarenakute

These feelings of unrequited love

I can't convey them... I can't completely convey them

No matter how much I search, you

Can't be found out... can't be discovered

hitorikiri no kaerimichi na no ni

sukoshi ureshikute

Even though I went back alone

I was a little bit happy

(1) I've encountered this before, but I still don't get it. The kanji for riyuu (reason) is used for wake (er, reason). They're almost the exact same meaning, except that wake carries the additional connotation of a meaning as well. So not only was there no reason for his dokidoki feelings, there wasn't really any meaning to it either.

(2) The sung lyrics say toki (time) while the written say shunkan (instant). Therefore, the line becomes not just when he saw the persona standing, but that he felt it the instant he saw the person.

Lyrics belong to Gackt Camui and Nippon Crown, taken from the Rebirth album, CRCP-40001 (track 8). Not like the words make any sense if you haven't heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P at

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