Lapis ~Prologue~

Lyrics, Written, Sung by: Gackt Camui

Translated by: Mina-P (Email:

Version 1.00

Note: I think this is a wonderful song, and not just because it's so short it's a snatch to translate. As for the title itself, lapis is a semi-precious stone known for its amazing blue color. I hope that helped with everyone's understanding of the piece. (Just kidding; I don't get the title either.) Seriously, this is a really beautiful song, despite its short length. And anything with Gackt on piano is always amazing...

yume ni kizutsuite mo     nanimo kawari wa shinai

atarashii tobira o aketa...

hirogaru sekai e tsuzuku

Even though the dream hurts me I     don't change anything

I opened a new door...

I continue into the expanding world

setsunai hodo ni dakishimerareteita kono karada o

honno sukoshi dake tsuyoku naru tame ni mizukara o


I could embrace this body until it hurts

I could hurt myself

In order to become just a little bit stronger...

tooku e tsuzuku michi o ima wa arukitsuzukeru... dake sa

I just... keep walking on the endlessly continuing road

Lyrics belong to Gackt Camui and Nippon Crown, taken from the MisÚrable mini-album, CRCP-20220 (track 4). Not like the words make any sense if you haven't heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P at

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