<html> <head> <title>Future</title> <LINK REL=stylesheet HREF="..\..\trans.css" TYPE="text/css"> </head> <body class=trans> Future<BR> Sung by: Gackt<BR> Translated by: <a href="mailto:Minako@senshigakuen.com?subject=Future">Mina-P</a><BR> Version 1.00<BR><BR> Note: This is a fantastic ballad from Gackt. It's absolutely beautiful and has some beautiful details that make me want to dance all over again. The most amusing part of this song, however, comes between fourth and fifth verse. The musical interlude is combined with guns, explosions, screams, and war. Gee, what a great "future"...<BR><BR> kurayami wo tsuyoku terasu aoi tsuki<BR> suimen no zawameki ha kaze no uta<BR> kese ha shinai ayamachi wo kurikaesu watashi-tachi no<BR> ashiato wo mitsumeteita<BR> <p class=T> The blue moon lights up the darkness<BR> The murmur on the surface of the water is the song of the wind<BR> It looks down upon the footsteps<BR> Of we who keep repeating mistakes that are not erased</p><BR> nobashita yubisaki ni fureru anata no namida ga<BR> itsuka ha otozureru asu wo akaku someteyuku<BR> "sasayaka na hitotoki ga nagaku tsuzukimasu you ni..." to<BR> hoshi ni inoru watashi wo kowareru hodo dashimeta<BR> <p class=T> Your tears that my outstretched fingertip touches<BR> May one day paint the coming future red<BR> "May this fleeting moment stretch on..."<BR> So I prayed to the stars as you held me so tight I might break</p><BR> doredake no kanashimi wo seottemo<BR> itsu no hi ka, mukuwareru hi ga kuru kara<BR> <p class=T> No matter how much sadness you bear<BR> Someday, you will be rewarded</p><BR> tomaranai haguruma ni futari ha tada hikizurare<BR> kimagure ni sugiteyuku toki no nagare ha hayasugite<BR> "mou modorenai no nara, anata no te de koroshite..." to<BR> yoru ni sakebu watashi no hitomi wo tada mitsumeteta<BR> <p class=T> We are simply being dragged along in the unstopping cogs<BR> The all too fickle flow of time is too fast<BR> "If we can't go back, then kill me with your own hands..."<BR> So I cried out to the night as you simply looked into my eyes</p><BR> azayaka ni chirinagara wakare no uta, sasageyou<BR> nemuri kara sameru toki anata no ude de mezametai<BR> "mou ichido anata ni aemasu you ni..." to<BR> hoshi ni inoru watashi wo aoi tsuki ha mitsumeteta<BR> <p class=T> Let me offer this song of parting as it is brilliantly torn apart<BR> When I wake up from this sleep, I want to be in your arms<BR> "May I see you one more time..."<BR> So I prayed to the stars as the blue moon looks down upon me</p><BR> dakishimete...<BR> kowareru made dakishimete...<BR> <p class=T> Hold me...<BR> Hold me until I break...</p><BR> <BR>Lyrics belong to Gackt C. and Crown Record, taken from the <i>Diabolos</i> album, CRCP-40120 (track 7). Not like the words make any sense if you haven't heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to <a href="mailto:Minako@senshigakuen.com?subject=Future">Mina-P</a>.<BR><BR><a href="index.htm">Index</a> | <a href="../../index.html">Main</a><BR><BR></body></html>