freesia ~op. 1~

Lyrics, Written, Sung by: Gackt Camui

Translated by: Mina-P (Email:

Version 2.00

Note: The sixth song from Gackt's amazing Mars album. The first of two Freesias for the album, but the only one with lyrics. The freesia is a white or yellow flower of the iris family. It's meaning is generally respect, reverance, honor, and innocence. Feel free to interpret that as you may.

mou daremo inai kono chiisana hiroba ni

boku wa mada futari o oboeteru

No one's here in this quiet little plaza (1)

I still remember the two of us

kare wa shitteita no kana

tagai ni hikareteita koto o...

I wonder if he knew

What attracted us to each other...

hakanai menazashi de mitsumeteta...

Gazing at each other with fleeting looks...

yasashiku hohoendeita

kare no kehai ni ki ga tsuku tabi ni...

He was smiling kindly

Each time I noticed his sign...

kotoba wa kawasareru koto wa nakute mo

And words were never even exchanged

ima wa yume no you na maboroshi wa kioku no naka e

ano toki no menazashi wa kieteitta mama

Now, the dream-like phantom is inside my memories

As the looks of that time have faded

(1) Instead of saying chiisa (small), he sings the word shizuka (quiet), hence the translation.

Lyrics belong to Gackt Camui and Nippon Crown, taken from the Mars album, CRCP-20239 (track 6). Not like the words make any sense if you haven't heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P at

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