Sung by: Gackt
Translated by: Mina-P
Version 1.00

Note: I did an absolutely horrible job translating this song. Absolutely horrid. The lyrics are really quite lovely, but the images are extremely symbolic, more than realistic, and the words used are therefore similarly poetic rather than grammatical. I had a really horrible time trying to figure out the voice of this song. I ended up cutting back and forth between first person and second person, but I think much of it can be read either way. Long story short, I'm sorry I'm so unskilled. ;-_- I'll probably try translating this again one day...

kaze no naka ni mau waraiau koe
kirameku yuuhi ha asu e no yakusoku

Our laughing voices danced along the wind
The glittering sunset was a promise for tomorrow (1)

tsuki ga utsushidasu kimi o mitsuketa
iroaseta toki no utakata no yume

I found you just as the moon began to shine
A transient dream of a faded age (2)

modoranai yasuragi sae nando mo kowasareteyuku
afureru nikushimi ga kono sora o yakitsukushite...

Even the peace is broken over and over again, never to return
The overflowing hatred burns this night to its core...

mori no zawameki ha yasashii utagoe
honno wazuka no shiawase na yume

The murmur of the forest is a gentle song
Just for a fleeting moment, it's a happy dream

kogoeru itami ni sae yasashisa o oboeteyuku
subete o keseru nara kokoro sae mou iranai

Even in the freezing pain, I still remember kindness
If you can erase everything, than I don't even need this heart

tada hageshiku moeru kono karada de yokereba
kimi no tame ni subete sasageyou
kono kanashimi dake ha kesshite wasurenu you ni
namida no ato o naifu de nando mo nazotta

But if you want this inflamed flesh
Then I give it all to you
Just make sure to never forget this sadness
By tracing over the marks of those tears with a knife (3)

akatsuki no sora ni ukabu kagerou
hohoemu kimi ga boku no soba ni ita

The shimmering heat floating in the dawn sky
Smiling, you are there next to me

(1) Although Gackt sings the word "asu" (tomorrow) in this line, the characters used spell "mirai" (future). So when he sings about tomorrow, he's not talking about the literal tomorrow, but the more figurative tomorrow.

(2) Sorry, just a little note because I really like the characters for utakata. Literally, word means "bubble", as the two characters used in combination here can both be read as awa (bubble). The first character combines the radicals for "water" and "wrap, encompass", while the second character combines the radicals for "water" and "end". The word gives you a lovely little image: a bubble is a beautiful little container of water that soon comes to an end. Just thought that word was fun.

(3) namida no ato usually just refers to the marks that tears make on your face after a good cry. But Gackt uses a different character for ato that carries more the connotation of deep scarring than a slight trace.

Lyrics belong to Gackt C. and Crown Record, taken from the BLACK STONE single, CRCP-10102 (track 2). Not like the words make any sense if you haven't heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P.

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