<html> <head> <title>LARVA</title> <meta name=Title content="LARVA"> <meta name=Description content="Mina-P Translation of LARVA"> <meta name=Keywords content="LARVA FAKE? Inoran Ken Lloyd translation Mina-P Minako-kouchou j-rock j-pop"> <meta name=Owner content="Minako@senshigakuen.com"> <meta name=Author content=Mina-P> <style> <!-- /* Style Definitions */ p.R {margin-top:0in; margin-right:1.0in; margin-bottom:0in; margin-left:0in; margin-bottom:.0001pt; font-size:12.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman";} --> </style> </head> <body lang=EN-US link=blue vlink=purple> <p class=R>LARVA<BR> Performed by: FAKE?<BR> Transcribed by: Mina-P (Email: <a href="mailto:Minako@senshigakuen.com?subject=LARVA" title="Mail Mina-P~!">Minako@senshigakuen.com</a>)<BR> Version 1.00<BR><BR> Note: A change from the driving rock of other FAKE? songs, <i>LARVA</i> is more of a sweet ballad. I think it's a really beautiful song. I love the lyrics, too. I think they're really beautiful. As a side note, I <b>know</b> that the lyrics are entirely in English; FAKE?'s entire album contains literally 15 lines of Japanese in 2 different songs, and no more. But hey, it's not MY fault that Ken Lloyd is conveniently half-British. ^_^v Arigato, Ken~! You have the most English-friendly Japanese band ever created~!</p><BR> <p class=R> Poor little thing how are you?<BR> I can't break out of my cocoon<BR> Sleeping alone in our web<BR> Keeping my thoughts in my head<BR> Don't slide away<BR> Come back and sing to me<BR><BR> What should I do when I don't know<BR> How to break out of my cocoon<BR> It's only a moment in time<BR> It won't be for the rest of our lives<BR> I guess that I should have noticed<BR> But I got lost<BR><BR> I don't ever get to see you smile<BR> I don't ever really mean to hurt you<BR> I don't ever get to see you smile these days<BR> I don't ever really mean to hurt you<BR><BR> So innocent and serene<BR> Shine all the colors that you have we'll breathe in<BR><BR> I don't ever get to see you smile these days<BR> I don't ever really mean to hurt you<BR> I don't ever get to see you smile<BR> And I'm caught in a velvet cage<BR> But I'm trying so hard to change</p><BR> <BR><p class=R>Lyrics belong to FAKE? and east west japan, taken from the <i>BREATHE IN...</i> album, AMCM-10022 (track 5). Not like the words make any sense if you haven't heard the song, anyway. Transcribed by Mina-P. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P at <a href="mailto:Minako@senshigakuen.com?subject=LARVA" title="Mail Mina-P~!">Minako@senshigakuen.com</a>.<BR><BR><a href="../index.htm">Index</a> | <a href="../../index.html">Main</a></p><BR><BR></body></html>