Haamonika ~seija ga machi ni konai yoru~

Harmonica ~Nights When Saints Don't Come Into the City~

Sung by: Hayashi Nobutoshi (now known as Canna Nobutoshi)

Translated by: Mina-P (Email: Minako@senshigakuen.com)

Version 2.00

Note: I am madly in love with Canna Nobutoshi... or as he was known as the time of this album, Hayashi Nobutoshi. Canna-san is an incredible Japanese seiyuu (voice actor), which means that he has an amazingly sexy voice to go along with his sheer musical talents. Getting that out of the way, not only is Harmonica probably one of the sexiest songs I own, but it's also probably the dirtiest song I've got translated. Seriously. And I've got all of Gackt. The first time Mako-chan and I listened to it, we literally set aside our card game to gape at my CD player. This is the song that I lovingly refer to as the "Trouble(tm) in a Back Alley" song. (If you want to know what "Trouble(tm)" stands for, just know that it is my own personal colloquiallism that refers to the infamous board game, and the fact that the full title of the game is "Pop-o-Matic Trouble(tm)".) ^_^v enjo~y....

dakishimeta     omae no nioi wa

asobi nareta hadaka no bara

atsui shawaa de     ase o nagashi

yami no naka ni ochiteyukou

aijou ni ueta sono karada ga

Dance on my body


abunai poozu de

I embraced     your scent

A naked rose used to playing

Sweat runs     in a hot shower

Let's fall into the darkness

Your body, starving for affection

Dance on my body

It begins turning

in a dangerous pose

karamiau     himitsu no rizumu wa

hoka no daremo mane dekinai

tengoku ni tadoritsuku tochuu de

Shout on my honey

sarakedasu no sa     nanimokamo

donna koto mo dekiru

omae to nara

We're entwined     in the secret rhythm

No one else can do this

As we find ourselves on the way to heaven

Shout on my honey

I'm exposed     to everything

I can do anything

if I'm with you

seija ga machi ni konai yoru ni wa

haamonika demo fuku you ni

yasashiku nagusameteokure

On nights when saints don't come into the city

Like blowing on a harmonica

Please gently comfort me

seija ga machi ni konai yoru ni wa

chokoreeto demo nomu you ni

shizuka ni owaraseteokure

sono kuchibiru     nureta toiki     yaseta senaka

nani o shite mo ii sa     futari nara

donna koto mo dekiru

omae to nara

On nights when saints don't come into the city

Like drinking down chocolate

Please quietly let me finish

Those lips     Moist breath     A thin back

Everything's good     if it's the two of us

I can do anything

if I'm with you

Lyrics belong to Yokoyama Takeshi and Warner Music Japan, taken from the Born album, WPCV-7422 (track 4). Not like the words make any sense if you havenít heard the song, anyway. Romanized and translated into English very badly by Mina-P, with desperately needed help, as always, by Mako-chan. Any comments or corrections can be mailed to Mina-P at Minako@senshigakuen.com.

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