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Senshi Gakuen Main - For everything.

The Arcade - For my guides to video games.
Stained Glass - For CG-colored manga art.
Aqua House - For G-Defend, Juvenile Orion, doujinshi, and manga reviews.


Official Pages (Music)

Gackt Crown Record's Gackt HP (Japanese)
Dears Gackt's Fanclub HP (Japanese)
V6 V6's HP (Japanese)
T.M.Revolution's HP (Japanese & English)
Porno Graffitti PG's HP (Japanese)
Luna Sea's HP (Japanese & English)
DINO Inoran's HP (Japanese & English)
FAKE? FAKE?'s HP (Japanese)
sephirot Sugizo's HP (Japanese & English)
Kawamura Ryuichi Ryuichi-san's HP (Japanese)
Tourbillion Tourbillion's HP (Japanese) J's HP (Japanese & English
Shinya-machi Iccho-me Shinya's HP (Japanese)
Hide's HP (Japanese)
Yoshiki's HP (Japanese)
B'z HP (Japanese)

Official Pages (Manga)

Tiara Higuri You's HP (Japanese & English)
K2-Forum Kodaka Kazuma's HP (Japanese)
Pretty Complex Koide Mieko's HP (Japanese)
Salon Bataille Takaguchi Satosumi's HP (Japanese)
MURDERS GATE Kotegawa Yua's HP (Japanese)

Commercial Pages

CD Japan
A great place for non-Japanese speakers/readers who want to order imported CDs.
Pluses: Very friendly and helpful, street prices, extremely fast shipping, special orders, and great selection.
Minuses: Shipping costs make up for the low prices.
This is my personal choice for all my music and manga needs.
Pluses: Street prices, fast shipping, pre-order sales, and exceptional selection on CDs, DVDs, books, games, and more.
Minuses: High shipping costs, Japanese site.
I haven't ordered from them yet, but their website is one of my favorites.
Pluses: INCREDIBLE, helpful web site than can be almost entirely translated into English, PLUS song clips for many different artists.
Sasuga Bookstore
More Mako-chan's store than mine.
Pluses: Nice people, good selection, English site.
Minuses: Can be extremely slow if things are backordered.
Anipike Commercial Pages
When in doubt, head to the Anipike.
Pluses: More stores than you can shake a stick at, perfect for people who want to compare for the best prices and selection.
Minuses: Did I mention there's a whole LOT of stores? You'll spend a lot of time wading through.

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