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As of April 2005, Mina-P is working in Japan as an official translator. However, due to lack of time, the Mina-P Translation Archives is now officially on semi-hiatus. Lyrics translations (including Gackt and V6) WILL be updated. Manga translations WILL NOT be updated. But Mina-P is still around, so feel free to contact me


Are you still translating/updating/alive?

The answer is to all three is "yes". However, as of 2005, I have gotten a job working as a translator in Japan. This means extremely little time for me to translate or update. As a result, the manga translations are officially CLOSED, meaning NO UPDATES. I still plan on updating the lyrics translations...er, eventually. Check my livejournal for news and rants about life in Japan.

Will you translate Gackt's "Love Letter" album/Gackt's other songs?

Long story short: probably. Eventually. Quite frankly, I don't like love ballads in general, so I've been avoiding that album like the plague. But I'll get around to it. Someday.

Will you send me XXXX?

Whether it's an .mp3 for a song or scans of a manga, I really can't send any of the works included on these pages.

Will you translate XXXX for me?

As you've noticed, I really don't have time to even update things that I should be working on! So sorry, even though I want to help, I really should turn down all requests.

Hey, can I borrow your pages?

Here's my policy on pages in a nutshell: I've worked VERY hard on everything on my page, so don't you just take anything. If you want to repost or link or whatever you will, just contact me to let me know where you are, and I'll give you the a-okay~!

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