With such a long-running site, the Headmistresses often lose track of where exactly things came from, but we'll try to credit as much as possible here.

Image Credits

Main pages

The main image is a vintage image that came free on Minako-chan's computer, so she honestly has no idea where it came from.
For the record, the Headmistresses like to think that Mako-chan is on the left, and Minako-chan is on the right.

Mina-P's Translation Library

The main page currently uses images from the Clock Zero video game home page.

The Arcade

All game images come from their respective Japanese home pages.

HTML Credits

The page design and menu for the Valkyria Chronicles page is based on code found at Matthew James Taylor's blog.


Over the years, the Senshi Gakuen has received several wonderful gifts. You can see them at the following link:

Gifts to the Senshi Gakuen

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