the pain of it all!

November 13, 2002
The next tarot card is now up, Maria. Pretty, and a girl! Be excited! ^_^

September 19, 2002
Cosplay has greatly interrupted my quality time with Photoshop. But then Winamp3 came out, which I abhor, and I felt the need to color again. So I'm continuing with the E'S tarot set with Eiji-san... and rearranged the gallery a bit accordingly. ^_^

February 14, 2002
Two new images, starting what I hope will be a complete set of Takaguchi Satosumi's hysterically odd series "Pink". Enjoy!

December 24, 2001
Merry Christmas, everyone, and a happy birthday to Naoya-kun. A new image of the boys from Love Mode had been added... it's from the cute "Dog and Cat" story in volume 8. It's practically Dickens. ^_^

October 31, 2001
Happy Halloween! A holiday image of Asuka-chan from E'S added.

October 13, 2001
An illustration from the 7/2001 Junk Boy added to the gallery.

September 20, 2001
A new addition to the gallery... a little Sorcerer Hunters amusement.

August 30, 2001
Site creation! My bastardized art is released upon an unsuspecting world.

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