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Yuki and Kaneda, "Yasashii Kuchibiru" [art by Yamada D Yonezou]

This is one of those little gems Minako-chan brought back from Japan... it's stories like this that reaffirm my faith in the genre. (That faith gets seriously tested every now and then.) The story is a light, entertaining read with just the right balance of sadness, sweetness, and unbelievable cuteness. (The amount of time Kaneda-kun spends in SD can be almost disconcerting...)

Oh yeah, the art is gorgeous too. ^_^ Biblos calls Yamada-sensei "stylish and cool". I'm inclined to agree. In any other setting, it would need brighter colors to match the cherries (which make me giggle so)... but for my gallery, I prefer the subdued background.

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