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Marron and Tira, "Bakuretsu Hunters" [art by Omishi Rei]

I found myself becoming acutely embarrassed while working on this a few times. Perhaps it was just a little too... close contact...

This image was taken from the atogaki in volume 1 of the manga. I was sad to lose the little puppy Carrot drooling over Tira's assets, but it really would have destroyed any remaining semblance of maturity. I set out to create a "Sun/Moon" color scheme to highlight the duality in the picture, but it got a bit muddled. The silver and gold work, but the clarity just isn't there. Maybe that's better.

Marron is a character easily associated with gold and fire, so I wanted to give him a colder, paler look; note the presence of his trademark collar even in this elaborate outfit. Meanwhile, with Tira, I couldn't select a color better for her than that seductive red leather. I've been angsting over this image for far too long, it's time to move on for a while.

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