my eyes are bleeding!

Question! What the hell is this?
Answer! The bastard love child of my boredom, my obsession with Photoshop, and a lot of gummi worms. Plus a certain amount of adoration for the mangaka featured.

Question! What the hell were you thinking?
Answer! I was drinking. [shrug] Um, no, honestly, I'm just having fun interacting with some of my favorite art. Coloring books are so very entertaining, ne?

Question! What did you do to this Quality Art?
Answer! I scanned the images using my trusty Visioneer 3300. After removing any text and/or cleaning up the lines, I used Adobe Photoshop 6.0 to CG color the art. If color art is already available for a certain character, I try to use the same general colors and style. It's an overly-long process, yet can be very relaxing.

Question! Can I use some of your images?
Answer! Why on earth would you want to? ^_^ Well, I'm afraid I'll probably have to say no, unless you absolutely MUST have an image. We can work something out then. This takes hours, and hours, and hours of work. Most of these CGs represent weeks of dedicated effort. So I hope you can understand my reluctance to share.

Question! Will you color something for me?
Answer! That's a tough one. I need a very high quality scan to work with. So unless I own the manga myself, I'll need at least a 300 dpi scan of the image to be colored. Contact me and we can discuss it, but this takes a long time and I'm a busy woman...

Question! My eyes are bleeding and I can't see the phone to call for help. What should I do?
Answer! I've been told that listening to Cascade's "Sexy Sexy," is helpful. Outside of that, Excedrin Migraine is some powerful stuff.

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