Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Aquarian Age goods?
Anime Gamers carries translated manga and various fun Orion goodies. A great source for the card game is Animaxis. Be prepared to spend quite a bit...

I watched this anime series called "Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution". Is there a connection?
The TV series is based upon the card game, all produced by Broccoli.

What about Aqua Age?
Mizuno Jidai (aka The Blue-Green Years), a sweet shoujo series fan-subtitled by the Techno-Girls, is unrelated.

Where can I find manga by the artists mentioned?
Try Sasuga Bookstore or Bookmart.

Aren't you Minako-chan, who does all those translations?
For about a year or so, most people seemed to keep us straight, but now we've confused our visitors again. I'm Makoto, I do almost all of the graphics work and design the pages. Minako-chan is the translation bunny, and keeps up the V6 shrine. You don't have to remember us, just remember that there ARE two of us. ;)

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