Drama CDs

Naoya Midorikawa Hikaru
One of the most prolific male seiyuus of the past ten years, Hikaru-san has a host of well-known roles behind him. These include Tamahome from the Fushigi Yuugi series, Heero Yuy of Gundam Wing, Zelgadis of Slayers, Mikage of Utena, and many more. His voice is highly recognizable even to fans unfamiliar with most seiyuu.
Shiba Suzuki Chihiro
After a high-profile debut as Arima Souichirou in the Gainax shoujo Kareshi Kanojo to Jijou, he found a home at Broccoli as a member of their DiGi Charat cast (Ky Schweitzer). He has also played roles in Prince of Tennis, the new Dangai-oh, and Boogiepop Phantom.
Kusakabe Seki Tomokazu
Ridiculously busy since catching CLAMP's attention as their Kamui in the X movie, very few shows have come and gone without at least an appearance from Seki-san. A few of his many roles include Touji from Evangelion, Van from Escaflowne, Touya from Card Captor Sakura, Kyo of Fruits Basket, Shuiichi of Gravitation, and Ken from Weiss Kreuz.
Tomonori Toriumi Kosuke
After the DiGi Charat marketing blitz (as Rik Heisenberg), Toriumi-san has found a comfortable niche in some of the biggest recent shows. He has performed as Hayate in Pretear, Masaru in Tenshi ni Narumon, and has had roles in Naruto, Prince of Tennis, and GTO.
Amou Saeki Tomo
The final member of the Gema-Gema Dan adopted by Broccoli, Saeki-san has a cute voice well-suited to young boys. She has played Salt from Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, Mondo from Moncolle Knight, and has played multiple roles from Ojamajou Doremi.

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