Isshin Name: Shiba Isshin
Power: arayashiki
Birthday: 1/18
Age: 18
Bloodtype: O
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Seiyuu: Suzuki Chihiro

The heir to his family's overseas trading financial empire, he is trained in Chinese martial arts. His hobbies include basketball and motorcycles, and he even plays for the basketball team at school.

He hates the unexpected, and his demeanor is severe. But at the first sign of panic, he runs in wildly.
He hates being called "Isshin" (with the wrong emphasis), and always has to correct Itsuki for calling him that. Has a formal engagement to Arisugawa Tokiko (the "fiancee" card from the Aquarian Age deck).

Shiba-senpai is very cold most of the time, but he tries to take good care of his underclassmen. Even when they're disrespectful like Naoya... it doesn't take much to set Shiba off, though. He's definitely got a fiery temper.

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