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Wild Rock

Cover ImageAuthor: Takashima Kazusa
Publisher: Biblos
Series Length: One-shot
First printing: April 2002

Five-second plot: What, no spear jokes?

Summary: Pretty tribesman Yuuen wasn't meant for the rough jungle life. He can't hunt, he can't fish, and he definitely can't take care of himself. Good thing he catches the eye of Enba, reknowned hunter and all-around superman. Can they forgo their familial duties and admit their feelings?

Makoto's Notes: This is Takashima-sensei's first book, and if that excites you, then you don't need to read this review. I'm honestly not sure who the heck the audience is for this book. The plot is so incredibly romantically cheesy that I'd tip it towards a younger group, yet the sex is quite graphic (compared to the fluff factor). So I don't know what to say; our motto for Wild Rock is "If you like Gundam Wing fanfiction where Duo puts on a pretty dress and marries Heero and they live happily ever after", this is definitely the book for you. I thought it was corny as hell, and I love Seikimatsu Darling, so go fig.

Okay, okay, we picked this up because the cover was hot. Takashima-sensei (or one of her assistants) is very talented with Corel Painter. (I remember choking on my soda when I first saw the cover to the "History" Zips, and wondering if that was legal to expose.) The inside art is hit-or-miss; there are very few backgrounds, which I find disappointing in a story set in such an exotic locale. The figures are generally nice and the costumes make me giggle. I just can't get past the plot (well, with a cover like that, I was surprised there WAS a plot). Yuuen is completely feminine, even beyond standard uke practice, and his eyes are almost always filled with tears for no good reason. Enba, for his part, is nearly as cheesy, and often looks like he just might cry too. He was much more interesting before he fell in love.

The second story is Innocent Lies, a prequel that ran in Zips. It's overly-fuzzy too, but perhaps a bit refreshing in that the love story is inherently tragic. The art is less interesting, though, with a complete absence of shading. And they cry again, which just made me roll my eyes by the time I reached the end. If you like your boys in loincloths and thigh-highs, crying because they're just so much in love, then get this book right now. Me, I'll withhold passing judgement on Takashima-sensei until I see something with less melodrama.

I don't think you need to know a word of Japanese to understand this story (actually, it may be better that way), but there are furigana anyway. There are none in the Zips segment, which is standard for them.

Warnings and Suggestions: Yuuen is such a girl, I can barely call this BL... but there are two explicit love scenes, no "glowing cone" censorship here. Some violent scenes involving giant attacking animals, and lots of men wearing clothing everywhere except the important places. So full of fluffy over-the-top romance, I laughed my ass off.

ISBN 4-8352-1327-0