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Watashi no Suki na Hito
The Person I Love

Cover Image Author: CLAMP
Publisher: Young Rose Comics DX
Series Length: 1 volume
First printing: July 1995

Five-second plot: "This book is dedicated to 'the people who we truly love'."
Summary: A collection of twelve short stories and essays, focusing on young women in different types of relationships and loves.

Minako's Notes: CLAMP is one of the most well known creative teams in the manga industry. They produce some spectacular stuff, balancing fan favorites with hidden little gems. This is one of CLAMP's gems that isn't very well known, but it's one of my favorites of all time. Watashi no Suki na Hito has an unusual format, with a seven page manga followed by a one page essay. The manga and essay are tied together by a one word title, which provides the inspiration for showing a different view of love, relationships, and women. For example, in the opening story Chigau (Different), a young girl ponders her minor insecurities and her desire for change. In Futsuu (Ordinary), a newlywed thinks about the boredom of everyday chores as a housewife. The story Yuuki (Courage) follows a young woman trying to work up the courage to give chocolates to her crush on Valentine's Day.

The stories are all short and really sweet. The manga is classic CLAMP, with beautiful artwork and easy-to-follow dialogues. For those who can read it, the essays provide further stories and thoughts about the theme. Both the manga and the essays continue few furigana, but CLAMP works tend to be very easy reads. Some may find the short tales cute to the point of being sappy, but even I surprised myself by falling in love with this manga. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes real love stories.

Warnings and Suggestions: Clean as a whistle. Minor cavity warnings, though, it's just that sweet.

ISBN 4-04-852585-9