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Shin Seikimatsu*Darling
New End-of-the-Century*Darling

Cover Image Author: Naruto Maki
Publisher: MB Comics
Series Length: 1+ volumes
First printing: February 2002 - ??
Related Series: Seikimatsu*Darling

Five-second plot: "Maybe it's the power of love~"
Summary: As the series that never ends, Shin Seikimatsu*Darling picks up after Seikimatsu*Darling. Follow the humorous adventures of several gay couples: Ogata Kousaku & Takasugi Youichirou, Shikibu Yukari & Tsutsumi Masayuki, Todoroki Kouhei & Itabashi Takeru, and Sakamoto Sanshirou & Katsura Sentarou.

Minako's Notes: Seikimatsu*Darling was Naruto Maki's debut work, and obviously still holds a spot in her heart. Which is why, two years after the first series ended, Naruto-sensei started up a new series for the THIRD publisher to have gotten their hands on this series.

This new series is basically a direct continuation of the original series, with absolutely no changes at all. The story is still hysterical, off-the-wall, and incredibly cute. And since three of the couples are now established, it's actually probably even cleaner than the original series, if that's not a shocker. Major plot lines so far from the new series revolve around movie dates, meeting family, and volleyball tournaments. Seriously, it's that cute.

Like the original series, this sequel features terrific artwork, lovable characters, and dialogue heavy storylines. But there's full furigana and mainly conversational language is used, so it's really not that hard to figure out. I loved the original series, and was thrilled to discover that a sequel was being produced. I highly recommend this series.

Warnings and Suggestions: Homosexuality warnings, obviously, and Takeru hasn't quite graduated high school yet. And, er, a handful of kisses. That's it.

ISBN 4-408-43362-4 (Volume 1)