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Sakende yaru ze!
I'll Shout Out!

Cover Image Author: Takaguchi Satosumi
Publisher: Asuka Comics CL-DX
Series Length: 5 volumes
First printing: February 1996 - February 2000

Five-second plot: "They cast it just right, didn't they, Sensei-!"
Summary: A teen, Nakaya, hunts down his long-lost father, Shino, after his mother's death. The brash young man's father turns out to be a kindhearted seiyuu (voice actor), who is determined to get through to his distant son. To add complications to the matter, both father and son must also deal with their attractions to the older men in their lives. The two men struggle to understand each other and live with each other, while trying to balance their relationships with their dreams and goals.

Minako's Notes: Takaguchi Satosumi is an extremely prolific manga writer, although her art style takes a bit of getting used to at first. Although she doesn't necessarily skimp on details, her style is very simple and has a soft feel to it, best suited for watercolor painting. Then again, she also does incredible things with magic markers when the mood suits her.

The story itself is a bit hard to describe. On one hand, it focuses on the struggles that Nakaya and especially Shino face as they deal with falling in love with other men. On the other hand, the story is a lovely, tender tale of a father and son trying to connect with each other after meeting for the first time. And on the other hand, it's a really funny look at anime, CD dramas, Boy's love, co-stars, managers, fans, and other stresses of the seiyuu world. Equally packed with drama and emotion and hilarity and seiyuu jokes, this manga quickly became one of my favorites. I loved both Nakaya and Shino from the start, and the entire supporting cast of characters is great, from the sexy Tenryuu-san to the psychotic manager Tsukamoto.

The manga itself has furigana, and with a dictionary by your side is a fairly easy read, imho. You may miss out on finer plot details, I don't think it would be enough to draw away from the overall story. Besides the manga, Sakende yaru ze! has a series of CD dramas and side stories in doujinshi form. I personally own the Episode 4 CD drama... even if you don't understand a thing, it's all worth it for the songs, the seiyuu talk, and episode 25 of "Miracle Dieter Miyuki". Hy-sterical.

Warnings and Suggestions: This is a very sweet Boy's love story. There are a few sex scenes, but nothing is graphic or even really seen; when not focusing on hands or faces, the shots are all waist up. Besides that, be on the lookout for a handful of kisses, minor drunkenness, some groping, bad seiyuu jokes, and one scene of toe sucking.

ISBN 4-04-852645-6 (Volume 1)
ISBN 4-04-852785-1 (Volume 2)
ISBN 4-04-852929-3 (Volume 3)
ISBN 4-04-853058-5 (Volume 4)
ISBN 4-04-853159-X (Volume 5)