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Cover Image Author: Takaguchi Satosumi
Publisher: Chara Comics
Series Length: 3 volumes
First printing: December 1999 - December 2001

Five-second plot: "Give me back my boobies!"
Summary: Benio, a pink-haired wild veteran writer of erotic manga, starts a new story and teams up with Usaki, an innocent but very talented artist still in high school. Poor Benio has to deal with numerous problems, including a nervous editor, an inexperienced artist, and a "helpful" fellow mangaka, as well as Usaki's disapproving father and Benio's growing attraction to the boy.

Minako's Notes: This is the only outright comedy that I've read from Takaguchi Satosumi. Her unique, soft artwork style works surprisingly well for comedy, expressing both outlandish humor and subtle irony with ease. She also includes great drawings at the beginning of every chapter which show Benio and Usaki in various "themed" dress: pirates, samurai, psychadelic 60s, etc.

I'll be quite honest when I say that "PINK" is one of the funniest, and one of the dirtiest, things that I've ever read. First of all, the manga that Benio and Usaki are doing is an erotic manga, meaning that you see lots of very detailed sketches from Usaki showing naked women, bondage, licking, and more. But also, Usaki is still a highschooler and doesn't know anything about sex or S&M. But he's extremely pragmatic and professional about experiencing his art, so he pretty much forces Benio to educate him. Finally, there's the real sexual relationships in Benio's life, which include his attraction to both Usaki AND his father, and his sexual friendship with women who appear to be hookers. And THAT doesn't even mention the dialogue, which is filled with subtle inuendos, and not-so-subtle inuendos, too.

But if you can deal with some (or a lot) of dirt, I highly recommend "PINK". It's really hysterically funny, the characters are extremely lovable, and the plot is pretty engaging. Although you, too, may finish volume three and say, "Wait, that's it?" And to be quite honest, despite the smut involved in this manga, the sex itself is actually not graphic at all. In normal Takaguchi-sensei fashion, she tends to focus the artwork on faces and internal thoughts during sex scenes, paying less attention to the physical act itself. The manga has furigana, so you can probably pick most things out with a dictionary if you need to. If you don't recognize a word, just assume that it's something dirty. You'll probably be right. But to be honest, the actions in the series speak pretty loudly by themselves. You can probably get by with a minimal knowledge of Japanese.

Warnings and Suggestions: I seriously hope I get all the warnings on this one. Kissing, fondling, groping, bondage, licking, sex, naked breasts, honey, blow jobs, underaged relationships, adultery, hookers, tasteless uses of walrus sketches, masterbation, nipples, and a vaguely incestual love triangle. The artwork is detailed, but not especially graphic. Also, if you understand Japanese, even more warnings attached because the dialogue itself is pretty darned dirty, too.

ISBN 4-19-960113-9 (Volume 1)
ISBN 4-19-960149-X (Volume 2)
ISBN 4-19-960172-4 (Volume 3)