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Cover Image Author: Hasukawa Ai
Publisher: Biblos Comics
Series Length: 1 volume
First printing: May 2000

Five-second plot: "I like you. And not like a friend."
Summary: Six short stories, mostly unrelated. The first two stories, "OVER REACH BOY" and "My Little Darling" follow the romance of a professional designer and the much younger man who has been infatuated with him for years. "TRUE LOVER" explores the relationship between a college man who takes a highschooler under his wing to show him the racy night club scene. The fourth story "Slow and Fast" features a responsible highschooler who cares for his spacey best friend. In "Koi no Riyuu", a shockingly well-dressed maintenance guy falls for a salaryman over a broken copier. And in the final story, "Honto no Favorite", a highschooler deals with insecurities about his older lover's uniform fetish.

Minako's Notes: Hasukawa Ai writes, hands down, the cleanest Boy's Love stories I've ever read. I love her to death, but to be quite honest, even I'm surprised that she works for Biblos; she's THAT clean. She's a very talented artist, with very nice character designs, layouts, and details.

"OVER REACH BOY" is one of my favorite manga. The stories contained inside are short, simple, and very sweet. "TRUE LOVER" is one of my favorites of all time, something that I can read over and over again. Tetsuya, a college student, literally runs into Reiji, a high schooler, after seeing him in a racy night club. Although his methods may say contrary, Reiji is actually a hopeless romantic who is determined to find "The One". He seems to think that if he picks up enough women, he'll find her, and enlists the surly Tetsuya's aid to meet as many women as possible. Her artwork is beautiful, and her characters really make you fall in love with them.

Although they're not continuing series, don't think that the stories completely plotless. Quite the opposite, I'd suggest that you be comfortable with reading Japanese, or at least using your Japanese dictionary, if you want to pick up this one. There's very little action, and Hasukawa-sensei tends to use dialogue (both internal and external) to further the plots and characterizations. The first two stories have furigana, but the other four do not. It takes a special talent to write short stories that still have an actual STORY to follow, and Hasukawa-sensei has it.

Warnings and Suggestions: The most innocent Boy's Love stories, ever, with incredibly minor warnings attached. There are exactly four kisses in the entire volume, and in the raciest story, you see about half of a naked woman's boob and some very mild implied sex. Also, a few of the characters are slightly underaged teens dating men in their 20s, so a small warning if that bothers you.

ISBN 4-8352-1044-1