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The "Meisai Tengoku" Series
Camouflage Heaven

Cover Image Author: Kanzaki Takashi
Publisher: BExBOY Comics
Series Length: 2 volumes
First printing: September 2000 - April 2002

Five-second plot: "I'll use you tomorrow~ vaseline~"
Summary: Fujisaki joins the Japanese defense force for one reason and one reason only: he figure's it's the quickest way to earn money for his dream car. Only, he didn't count on it being so much WORK, and he can't even relieve the stress with a girlfriend~! But as it just so happens, his hellish drill sergeant, Muromi, has the perfect solution for that...

Minako's Notes: I'll get this right out of the way - this work is one of the smuttiest things I own. Seriously. The main focus of Fujisaki's and Muromi's relationship is sex, and they do it quite often. I fell in love with Kanzaki Takashi for her beautiful artwork and character designs, but she's an extremely hard-core artist. Nothing is hidden and everything has full blown detail, often with fluids flying every which way. Her sexually explicit art and storylines are really not for everyone. Definitely don't even think about this unless you're an adult... Minako-kouchou is watching you~!

Having said that, I adore Kanzaki-sensei and her addicting little stories. Despite the fact that they're incredibly smutty, sometimes embarrassingly so, there's really a whole lot more to them. Her characters are funny and flawed, but really endearing in the end. Her stories have a very comic feel to them, and she manages to cram an amazing amount of story between and even during the frequent sex. If you really want to understand the characters and their motivations, then the language can be tough. There's lots of military terms and about a quarter of the stories have no furigana. But let's be quite honest here, it's more than possible to enjoy the stories without understanding a word of Japanese.

The first volume of the series is called "Meisai Tengoku" and is followed by the sequel "Meisai Tengoku: Renai Fukumukitei". Fujisaki begins the series very self-centered and shallow. He constantly fights with Muromi, his sadistic drill sergeant. But when Fujisaki becomes desperate for some action, Muromi convinces Fujisaki that they should hook up, and everything changes. Their relationship is initially based solely upon sex, and they have it often thoughout the series: on a rooftop, in offices, on a beach, in a laundry room, in a boiler room, and even on the proverbial kitchen sink... everywhere but on an actual bed. (Kanzaki-sensei apologizes profusely for not managing to work that one in.) But as the series progresses, both begin to realize that they have feelings towards each other beyond the sexual. They begin to commit to each other, climaxing in Fujisaki spending his dream car money on a small apartment for the two of them. At the same time, Fujisaki becomes more serious about a career in the military. Despite everything, Muromi is surprisingly serious about his job as a mechanic for the air force. Fujisaki starts taking his career options seriously, seeing the army as something other than just a place to earn money. Nothing goes smoothly, of course. In volume one, young recruit Takatori falls madly in love with the oblivious Fujisaki. In volume two, Fujisaki meets two of Muromi's past flames: pilot Yayoi and instructor Momochi.

This manga series certainly isn't for everyone. If you're not comfortable with picking up a BExBOY Zips, it's not for you. On the other hand, Kanzaki-sensei is a talented artist and story teller, making her manga a really fun read. Plus, she's really good at drawing men in Adidas training pants. I don't get it either, but seriously, good job.

Warnings and Suggestions: Oh, there are PLENTY of warnings on this one. Extremely frequent nudity, masturbation, and VERY graphic sex in a variety of forms and positions. And finally, a warning to never EVER accept new sheets from Fujisaki. With him and Muromi, you never know where they've been...

ISBN 4-8352-1100-6 (Meisai Tengoku)
ISBN 4-8352-1325-4 (Meisai Tengoku: Renai Fukamukitei)