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Cover Image Author: Omishi Rei & Yuuki Miku
Publisher: Kadokawa Comics A
Series Length: 1 volume
First printing: July 2000

Five-second plot: "IT'S MAGICAL BOY KUKURI-SAMAA~~~~"
Summary: On a mysterious island, members of two rival boys schools fight to be the first to find the island's hidden treasure. Hilarity ensues.

Minako's Notes: It's rather hard to write a plot summary for this manga because, well, IS there a plot? The two artists are probably best known for their collaborations with the infamous comedy writer Akahori Satoru. Omishi Rei was the artist for Bakuretsu Hunters (Sorcerer Hunters), while Yuuki Miku illustrated his series Chivas 1-2-3 (Sorcerer on the Rocks). Both artists created one of the rival schools, with Omishi-sensei in charge of the Hakuyou Gakuen (The White Light Academy), while Yuuki-sensei created the Kokuyou Gakuen (The Black Light Academy). As can be expected from anyone who worked with Akahori-sensei, this work is anything but a touching schoolboy drama. In fact, it's probably best described as a fast-moving parody that just doesn't let up. You'll see references in the story and character designs for everything from Weiss and Master Mosquiton, to Utena and To Heart. And that's even without mentioning Magical Boy Kukuri.

The story may be weak in the plot, but it's a whole lot of fun to read. It's wild, funny, and actually far less offensive than actual Akahori Satoru works. The art is very solid, with not a single panel that looks bad. The work itself is a very easy read. It's short, it's action packed, and it's got full furigana. If that's too much work for you, you can read my very own translation by following the link above. There, no excuses~!

Warnings and Suggestions: Very few. There's hints of homosexuality and comic violence, but that's it as far as warnings go.

ISBN 4-04-713350-7