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Cover ImageAuthor: Nanami Shingo
Publisher: Stencil Comics (Enix)
Series Length: Unknown [makoto has books 1 and 2]
First printing: August 2001 - ?

Five-second plot: It's not E'S. Not E'S at all.

Summary: The mysterious Atsuma gets drafted into the military-conglomerate NOA after exhibiting strong powers in the wastelands of a post-apocalyptic world. But NOA may get more than they bargained for, as Atsuma is never alone... and it's sure to be chaos when his secret escapes.

Makoto's Notes: Point-and-shoot manga shopping produces some interesting results. Unfortunately, I'll never be able to read Kamui as a work in its own right, due to its plot and characters seeming entirely lifted from fellow Enix manga E'S. The more I try to write an unbiased review, the more I'm struck by the similarities. So just accept that I'm loyal to Yuiga Satoru-sensei, and enjoy Kamui more as a revisitation of her ideas than the techno-psychic genre-crosser that it would like to be.

Nanami-sensei's art is quite nice and recognizable, with well-formed action and thin angular figures. The characters are developed strongly in a short amount of time, and their designs are very stylish. The idea of the "Kamui" within Atsuma is by far the most interesting and innovative part of the series, and that alone might keep me reading. The ending of volume 2 packs quite a punch... but I just keep seeing Kai's similar coming-of-age. Sorry.

Furigana? Heck yeah. Skim the technical jargon-babble and keep a dictionary handy and even the lofty NOA speeches shouldn't be too tough to navigate.

Warnings and Suggestions: This one gets a violence quasi-warning, as there are quite a few fight scenes and some unsettling bloodshed. Nothing too terrible, but still enough to note. Also a surprising number of "morning after" scenes with Sumire, who is quite the slut, though I mean that in the nicest way possible.

ISBN 4-7575-0505-1 (Volume 1)
ISBN 4-7575-0604-X (Volume 2)