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Half Moon Emotion

Cover ImageAuthors: Story by Akizuki Koh, Illustration by Koide Mieko
Publisher: Chara
Series Length: One-shot
First printing: April 2001

Five-second plot: When you mix love and work, you'll end up with a nosebleed, and not the good kind.

Summary: Kanae and Chisato discover that working together at their production agency may be more than their relationship can stand. A figure from their past returns to seek revenge against Kanae, and uses the doll-like model Mayako to exploit the company's weaknesses. Chisato understands the dangers, but accepts their demands anyway for the sake of the company...

Makoto's Notes: This book is the sequel to Yatteranneeze!, the long-running schoolboy romance. Instead of focusing on Takashi and Hiroya (who both appear briefly here), it follows the more tenuous older couple. A few of the newer novels are devoted to them as well.

Kanae gets a slightly more flattering run here than in Yattera, where his playboy ways caught up to him again and again. By the time this story takes place, his love for Chisato is unwavering. Chisato, for his part, is considerably more self-assured and speaks his mind. And punches Kanae in the face. Ahh, love.

It's hard to say if the story could stand completely on its own. Akizuki-sensei takes care to explain important elements, but Chisato has always been a unique character and his motivation is unclear unless you know where he's coming from. Otherwise he's just a temperamental pretty boy. Most of the "Just-In Produce" information is new, however, and it's not difficult to pick up on the basics.

I found this a tough read, much tougher than Yattera. The extremely formal language of businessmen is exhausting, but all the important plot elements are explained within. No skimming for me... but Chara has furigana everywhere. Thank you, Chara!

Warnings and Suggestions: A couple brief love scenes, a naughty hakama moment, adult themes and situations, and a bit of consentual S&M. It's not really S&M, it's some light bondage, but Kanae announced it was S&M night and who am I to argue.

ISBN 4-19-960151-1