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Gokufutsuu no Koi
An Ordinary Feeling

Cover Image Author: Emiko Yama
Publisher: Wings Comics
Series Length: unknown [Makoto has book 1]
First printing: August 1999

Five-second summary: A high school romance gets complicated (or maybe too simple?) as a couple tries to adjust to everyday life together.

Makoto's Notes: These stories were originally published as doujinshi, but after Emiko-sensei found popularity with Wings, they were republished as a professional work.

There's nothing really spectacular about this book, and that's really its charm. Emiko-sensei's extremely simple art normally doesn't speak to me, but for this story I found it appropriate. Mizuki and Kashima have been together since their schooldays, but neither is certain that the other is really happy. I found it really difficult to relate to Mizuki in the first stories; he seemed distant and unpredictable. But as his relationship with his family is developed, I definitely warmed up to him. It's a squishy, adorable little book, and presents just what it offers, a sweet and wholly ordinary romance.

Most of the characters speak in the Kansai dialect, and there is very little furigana. This is not an action-heavy series, so a working knowledge of Japanese is definitely recommended in order to come away from the series with that warm fuzzy feeling. ^_^

Warnings and Suggestions: This is a light-hearted and sweet Boy's Love story. A few kisses, a few suggestive (but entirely tasteful) petting sessions that usually end in Mizuki getting angry and kicking Kashima in the face. ;^_^ Emiko Yama's art is nearly entirely lacking in backgrounds and shading, but it's still easy to tell the characters apart.

ISBN 4-403-61548-1