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Full Moon ni Sasayaite
Whisper to Me on the Full Moon

Cover ImageAuthor: Matoh Sanami
Publisher: Biblos
Series Length: 2 volumes
First printing: June 1998

Five-second plot: Good thing Anne Rice doesn't get freaked out about copyright infringement..... oh wait.

Summary: Marlo's father is a vampire, and his mother is a werewolf. Somehow, his genes got a little crossed, and every full moon he turns into a pretty girl. His childhood vampire-friend David sees a good opportunity to exploit with this development, but Marlo isn't so sure he's ready for romance...

Makoto's Notes: Both volumes of this series were released simultaneously; the first book is stories that ran in the magazine "Fushigi Mystery" god-knows-when, but judging by the age of her art-style, it was a long time ago. The second book is her revamped version for Zero Magazine that ran in '97. (And because even Mina and I get confused when I see it on the shelf, no, this isn't Full Moon o Sagashite, and there's no connection between them.)

This series employs the "Boy changes into a girl, so it's not really shounen-ai" excuse, though David would be quick to point out he loves Marlo in any form. For his part, Marlo has a lot more fire than the typical uke, and his angry-teenage-boy speech pattern is pretty hilarious when he changes into a girl. The stories are mostly episodic, with the pair getting into trouble with another otherworldly creature, but it always seems to occur on the night of the full moon...

Matoh-sensei is clearly a fan of the Vampire Chronicles, or at least thought the names were neat. Claudia and Louis appear in all their non-subtle glory, but so do other lovely Victorian vampires, so maybe it's a coincidence. [cough cough] The art in the first book is really rough, but the story is still sweet. And no matter who the couple is, Matoh-sensei always draws some really amazing kisses.

It's not a difficult book to follow. Both volumes have furigana, and plenty of Matoh-sensei's trademark "Random English" thrown in, which can be surprisingly helpful.

Warnings and Suggestions: Gender-swapping romance; there's occasional boy kissing, but mostly it's hetero. Kind of. At least physically. Lots of vampire stuff, cute petty jealousy, and true love.

ISBN 4-88271-803-0 (Volume 1)
ISBN 4-88271-804-9 (Volume 2)