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I Want to Hold Him

Cover ImageAuthor: Nomo Marino
Publisher: Biblos
Series Length: One-shot
First printing: May 1994

Five-second plot: Has a section titled "Cute! Cute! Cute!", a bunch of old Super Famicon games, and demonic deer.

Summary: Pretty Okada-senpai has caught the eye of Yagasaki, who lets him know in his own emotionally-challenged way. Okada agrees to go out with him, and Wacky Romantic Hijinks (finding photos of old girlfriends, annoying rivals, Christmas gifts, and have I mentioned insane deer attacks?) ensue.

Makoto's Notes: These darling short stories appeared in a bunch of now-defunct magazines, but they're all ridiculously cute. Yagasaki is a closet Takurazuka fan, and Okada happens to look like his favorite actress... so he's pretty like a woman who looks like a man. My head hurts.

This is one of those sugary-sweet schoolboy romances set in the Super-Happy Non-Reality of Boy's Love manga. The characters are entirely too open with their feelings and the only people who hate homosexuals are the girls who wish they could be dating Okada themselves. I wish the real world could be this happy and full of bunnies and flowers, so if you're seeking adorable escapist fare, this definitely applies. Marino-sensei's style is simple and her figures are easily recognizable. It's not fabulously gorgeous art or anything, but it gets the job done nicely with cute expressions.

The language is pretty simple, with furigana. Most of the characters speak in light Kansai-ben, but it's generally not more than a "-hen" conjugation and a couple "Aho" insults, so it shouldn't affect comprehension too much.

Warnings and Suggestions: A cavity warning? It's a terribly sweet Boy's Love story with a couple light make-out sessions and a non-explicit (under the covers) love scene.

ISBN 4-88271-235-0