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Suki ni Naccha Ikenai Hito
The Man I Shouldn't Fall For

Cover ImageAuthor: CJ Michalski
Publisher: Biblos (SBBC)
Series Length: One-shot
First printing: December 2002

Five-second plot: "Black bear: the most dangerous animal in this comic book."

Summary: Asato and his older sister Yukiko are barely scraping by, when Asato accidentally loses their rent money. Rather than risk being kicked out or worse, he secretly decides to sell himself as a prostitute for a night and make their problems go away. And his plan works fine, until Yukiko brings home her new fiancee Ariga-san to meet Asato. Actually, the two are already VERY well acquainted...

Makoto's Notes: If you want to try CJ-sensei without fear of Puchi, this is a great book to pick up. Only one of the three stories is even leaning towards Shouta-con, and that couple is "married". It's CJ Michalski that you can admit you own!

Although there is romance and soap opera tendencies, SukiniNaccha is really about Asato and Yukiko trying to keep their tiny family intact. They're very close, but Asato constantly worries that he's a burden to his sister, who has to work all the time to support them. She won't let him get a job, since he needs to focus on his studies. This drives him to desperation when he lets her down, and when handsome salaryman Ariga-san happens to be in the right place at the right time, it's love at first sight for both of them.

Second is "Suteki na Yama Otoko", the cute formulaic story of Haruhiko, young businessman who gets lost in the woods and rescued by Ryoutarou, recluse and mountain man. The bear attack may be the best part of this entire book, it's hilarious. True love can overcome a lot of obstacles.

Next is another two-part story, "Chizu ni nai Shima". Naoki washes up on the shore of a beautiful tropical island, where he's found by Felichita, an overly cute native boy. When he regains consciousness, Naoki asks Felichita for some water, not realizing that particular phrase is considered a marriage proposal by the tribe. Now the salaryman is stranded, and he's got a pretty new "wife" to contend with. An extremely sweet "fish out of water" tale.

Overall, the art is great as usual. I really enjoy CJ-sensei's clean-lined style, with her perfectly round eyes and extreme blushing. She also makes excellent use of backgrounds and detail, which is wonderful for these unusual settings. The rest of the book is filled out with a series of essays that ran in Gold, extolling the virtues of little boys and why we love them. They're pretty suggestive if you can read the text, but the illustrations aren't offensive on their own. I can't believe she was a tutor... hide your children! Furigana are in all stories except the atogaki.

Warnings and Suggestions: The book is an SBBC, and the title story ran in Gold. It's fairly graphic BL, but most nudity is obscured. The rest of the stories ran in BeXBoy and are more "under the covers" in the love scenes. Felichita's age is questionable; he's obviously young, maybe 15 or so? Also a groping by a nasty man in a park, prostitution, and a hungry bear.

ISBN 4-8352-1403-X