Welcome to Makoto's very basic guide to following Morimoto Shuw-sensei's long-running series G-Defend.

The manga can be difficult to follow, owing to its huge, incredibly endearing cast composed (almost) entirely of men in similar uniforms. Hopefully, these character descriptions will help in those panicked moments of "Who just said what to whom...?"

This site contains a generalized "Romantic Spoiler" warning; most of the couples are established early on in the manga, and to omit this information would be detrimental to the helpfulness of this guide. I will do my best not to ruin any of the actual storyline, however. Please navigate using the menu to your left.

UPDATE 21/June/2004: A few new goodies. Check the omake page for new images in the gallery, as well as an Ishikawa Paper Doll set. More outfits to customize YOUR Ishikawa will be coming soon. It's fun for the whole family! ... if your family all likes G-Defend!

There are no viewing requirements for this site; it looks equally poor on all browsers at any resolution.