Frequently Asked Questions

Actually, no one has asked anything yet, but here we go anyway.

Where can I find G-Defend?
Answer: Most manga dealers online do not carry it in stock, but it can be special ordered with relative ease. My favorite places to shop include Sasuga Bookstore and BookMart (for gently-used manga).

Are translations available?
Answer: Not to my knowledge. It's a pretty easy read, though, and the kanji have furigana, which is very important to a manga fan with no formal education like myself.

Why don't the characters just wear name badges?
Answer: To mock us.
No, no, I'd say it's just that Morimoto-sensei has a perfectionist eye when it comes to naming her extras, and if she mislabeled someone in the background, it could be problematic later. I hope this guide helps a bit, at least!

Why are you missing some characters?
Answer: If you noticed that, you probably don't need this website. ^_^ There are more Garrison members, but I tried to limit this to notable recurring characters, particularly characters that are given a title and rank ID box. Maybe later on I'll have a bio for Tanaka and Hada and the like, but for the moment this is it.

I still don't get it!
Reply: Contact me! I'd love to talk about G-Defend with you anyway, and only moreso if I can try and help.