More Characters

Names given in Japanese order, family name first, excluding the LA Division members.

. . . . . Jyou
-Computer Division Member-

Jyou is the son of the previous Kyoukan, and holds Ishikawa responsible for his father's death. He's very cold and has a lot to learn about teamwork...

Tips to Recognize: A perpetual scowl and shoulder-length blonde hair.
My friend likes alcohol too! Ishikawa Susumu

The middle Ishikawa son. He takes over the household when Haruka leaves, and is mature (and polite) beyond his years. He loves both his brothers deeply, and treats Iwase as one of the family.

Tips to Recognize: Looks nearly identical to Noda-kun. Fortunately, he doesn't wear a Garrison uniform and the two aren't in the same scenes.
IWASE SATSUKI! Ishikawa Noboru

Haruka's youngest brother. Noboru has a serious Brother-Complex and detests Iwase for interfering. He's excitable and full of energy and very much a teenager.

Tips to Recognize: Young, light-haired, and angry. Over the years, he gets much taller and turns into quite the good-looking guy, much to everyone's shock.
Kids these days! Dr. Sakai

The other busiest doctor on staff. He's very tolerant of all the brats running around the department.

Tips to Recognize: He's old, he's pleasantly plump, he's got a cute moustache.
I'm grizzled. Naitou
-Head of the Nat'l Security Force's Terrorism Division-

Shows up every now and then to angrily dispense orders and help out when things get crazy.

Tips to Recognize: Stubble and a general unkempt look.
I don't always wear glasses. Kii
-Equipment Director-

Ikegami's roommate and Mrs. Noda's younger brother.

Call me Oneesama. Hashizume Shima

Shino's twin sister, a civilian doctor, and the more masculine of the two.

I have a ponytail later! Sakaguchi
-Tactical Squad Member-

Motoki's roommate, who tends to be just as excitable as he is... [has a different appearance in the sketches in volume 2.]

Oh yeah, I show up every now and then too. Morishige
-Bomb Squad Leader-

In a very important leadership position, but he doesn't appear much.

Bad influence. Ogata
-Student (unknown)-

Ishikawa Susumu's "friend" and potentially bad influence. Even Haruka can see that their relationship is more than they might let on.

Shitsurei. Esumi Toshiya
-Committee Member-

Has an unrequited crush on Iwase. But doesn't everyone?

Americans like our hair long. Billy Brooks
-L.A. Division-

Time for some Ishikawa Molesting! Gray
-L.A. Division-

Yes, we need a Kyoukan too! Warren Hughes
-L.A. Division Kyoukan-