The Main Cast

Names given in Japanese order, family name first, excluding the LA Division members.

Oh my god, did I just say that out loud?? Ishikawa Haruka
-Kyoukan (Instructor)-

Hesitant with his personal feelings, he's entirely focused on the safety of his men and leads with charisma and charm. He is strong-willed, but he's completely weak when it comes to Iwase.

Tips to Recognize: He's the star, so he's pretty easy to spot. His hair lengthens a bit as the series progresses, but you can always find Iwase over his shoulder.
It's a burning earthquake of love, Haruka-san! Iwase Motohisa
-Assistant Instructor-

He's an open book, clear with his love for Ishikawa and not caring who knows (although he'll keep quiet for Ishikawa's sake). He's fast, strong, a brilliant fighter, and excellent marksman with a warm affectionate heart. A first class bodyguard/teddy bear.

Tips to Recognize: Generally, he's the tallest dark-haired character around. Or at least jumping in to protect Ishikawa.
Gun-toting Hair fetishist Nishiwaki Tatsumi
-Tactical Squad Leader-

Nishiwaki can do anything. He's as indestructable as Iwase, he's completely cool in any situation, he loves playing matchmaker, and has the driest wit of the team. And he irons. (Okay, so Makoto is biased towards him. ^_^)

Tips to Recognize: His buzzcut tends to distinguish him, and his dark deepset eyes can be spotted even when he forgets to slick his hair back.
Did you just cough? Don't you lie to me. Come along... Hashizume Shino

The resident doctor (and super-beautiful man), Shino is a bit overzealous with his work. The younger team members flee from him, out of fear he'll find something wrong with them. He gets embarrassed easily, particularly from Nishiwaki's insistent advances.

Tips to Recognize: Really beautiful blond jaw-length hair. (Longer when he was younger.) Full lips and expressive eyes. Have I mentioned the prettiness yet?
I am NOT Tsuchiya Kei, and I resent your tone. Marty Scott
-SP Development Committee Member-

From the L.A. Division, he grew attached to Iwase when he was a rookie and becomes Ishikawa's rival. Later on, it's clear that he's a caring person who just wants to see everyone happy in the end.

Tips to Recognize: His straight bowl-haircut stands out, as do his distinctive long eyelashes.
I'm having an identity crisis, isn't it fun?!? Alec Sakamoto
-Development Committee Leader-

Also from the L.A. Division, Alec is fairly happy-go-lucky and generally teasing the others. He tends to know more than he lets on, but his amiably careless nature keeps him under wraps.

Tips to Recognize: He's huge, he wears little round glasses, he has long black hair. Not even a challenge to spot in a crowd. ;)
I'm fearsome. Grr. [giggle] Ikegami Jun
-Tactical Squad Member-

The one carrying a big sign saying "Dead Meat", Ikegami-kun seems to get stepped on a lot. He's not strong physically, but he is determined and sweet. And it doesn't hurt that his boyfriend is Kishitani, and that Nishiwaki has shadowed him since he was a rookie.

Tips to Recognize: Cute and generally smiling brightly. Note that he parts his straight dark hair on the right (his left).
Clean your plate or I'll haunt your nightmares. Kishitani

Formerly in the active squadron, he lost his right eye in an incident and the loss of depth perception too greatly influenced his fighting ability. (He's still stronger than a lot of the team.) Fortunately, he's a great cook and lends his services that way instead.

Tips to Recognize: Kishitani is easy to spot thanks to his dark skin. Also look for the scar under his eye.
Ha ha! I'm heterosexual! Noda
-Computer Division Leader-

The one organizing things behind the scenes, Noda is cute and nerdy and quiet and seems content that way. It's a good thing he's around, because things seem to break a lot...

Tips to Recognize: Thin-rimmed glasses and slicked-back blond hair, and he's clearly older than the Tactical members.
I'm heterosexual too! But that's not saying much. Noda (Mrs.)
-Vice-Director of Internal Affairs-

One of the only females in the series, much less in the Garrison, she's married to Computer Chief Noda. Their relationship is entirely professional when on the job, however. She takes good care of her little brother-in-law too.

Tips to Recognize: ...she's a girl. Although it's tough to tell under those Kevlar vests sometimes... Her hair gets longer later in the series.
I can TO use a gun! Noda (Younger Brother)
-Computer Division Member-

Noda-kun is the sweetest, most sensitive member of the team, and therefore the least emotionally prepared for a crisis. He bursts into tears often and worries constantly. But he's too precious to hold it against him.

Tips to Recognize: A mini-copy of Chief Noda, he has bangs, and a tendency to be blushing and/or sobbing. Also identifiable as a matched set to Motoki.
Wow, no character development for me! Mifune
-Internal Division Director-

One of the strongest leadership presences in the group, Mifune often ends up filling in for the absent Nishiwaki or Ishikawa.

Tips to Recognize: He has a beard. That's all you'll need.
My lack of common sense is so comedic! Motoki
-Tactical Squad Member-

Motoki is the hot-headed gaki (punk kid) of the force. He's ready to dive into any mission, and always looking for a sparring partner. Good thing he had the sense to hook up with Noda-kun to keep him in line.

Tips to Recognize: Often super-deformed or with a ridiculous expression, or latching onto Noda-kun.