Update 8/21/2005

Hey hey hey, it's the first ever update from Minako-chan. I've added some new works to the K2 Company page and the Misc. page. I also updated the code on the pages solely to sooth my own ego (lol), so let me know if suddenly the entire thing fails to appear on your browser.

Update 3/14/2005

Happy White Day! Grand opening of the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

(q) Who are these artists anyway?
(a) If you'd like, you can visit AH's manga reviews, or Minako-chan's Translation site, to hear what we've got to say about them. But in general, they are shoujo and Ladies Comics artists that we've grown to know and love.

(q) Are these for sale?
(a) Um, no.

(q) Where can I buy doujinshi, then?
(a) Ebay. Rinkya. BookMart. Your local anime shop. Conventions. Some online anime stores carry a variable selection (and usually don't know what they've got). If you're in Tokyo, go to the Comic Market. K*Books and Character Queen. Speaking of which...

(q) Who drew the cute site art?
(a) Azumi Tohru-sensei, an extremely talented artist who now does the official art for K*Books. She's amazing, go buy her artbook right now.