About the Senshi Gakuen

The Senshi Gakuen was founded way back in the dark ages of the internet as a bastion of light way back in the age of the Internet 1.0. Started as Mako-chan's page of artistic WinAmp skins (remember those?) on Geocities (remember that?), Minako-chan actively joined the board with her translation pages, and the Senshi Gakuen moved to its own web space. As time passed, the Senshi Gakuen grew, and the Headmistresses got Real Life jobs, and updates grew scarce. But due to repeated failure on the part of the service provider, the Headmistresses decided that it was time for renewal. Therefore, in 2010, the Senshi Gakuen was restored to its former glory(?), hopefully to stay this time.

Aino Minako

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Birthdate: 26 August [Virgo]
Bloodtype: Unknown
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Occupation: Translator
Gakuen Duties: Head of Mina-P's Translation Library & The Arcade. Contributor to Aqua House. HTML wrangler.

Motto: "Sometimes, you just have to shoot your girlfriend."

Favorite things: Loud dance music, pretty RPG games, clothes from Quoi Quoi, fantasy novels, movies in which Ewan McGregor is naked, and lists.
Un-favorite things: Snakes, coconut flavoring, snakes, crowded rush hour trains, snakes, and that movie where the guy got stabbed in the leg with corncob holders.
Proudest moment at the Senshi Gakuen: Way back in the days of Geocities, and stuck on a school computer, I once edited and rearranged a main image banner using only Microsoft Word. Booyah.

Kino Makoto

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Birthdate: 12 September [Virgo]
Bloodtype: O
Residence: U.S.A.
Occupation: It's complicated.
Gakuen Duties: Head of Stained Glass & Aqua House. System administrator. Bunny trainer. Keeper of the Room of Shame.

Motto: "It's too bad he's such a good man, because he will be going to hell."

Favorite things: Matcha-flavored anything, extravagantly expensive dolls, historical fiction, Photoshop, and scenes where boys adjust each others' neckties.
Un-favorite things: Crowded elevators, licorice, and sewing a proper set-in sleeve.
Proudest moment at the Senshi Gakuen: Finding a printout of Minako-chan's lyrics at my local karaoke spot.

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Contacting the Senshi Gakuen

The easiest way of contacting the headmistresses of the Senshi Gakuen is to visit their livejournals. You can write us a PM, send us an e-mail, or leave a comment on the most recent entry. (Don't want your comment to be public? No problem! All anonymous comments are screened.)

Mako-chan's LJ (kinomakoto)
Mako-chan's LJ Profile
For questions/comments about server issues, artwork, manga, cosplay, or bunnies

Minako-chan's LJ (minakokouchou)
Minako-chan's LJ Profile
For questions/comments about html issues, translations, video games, or Japan

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